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KNOXVILLE — With the national unemployment rate on the rise, the University of Tennessee’s Career Services office is providing a vital service to students and alumni who are in the process of finding employment.

A recent National Association of College and Employers study says the job market for current college graduates is especially tight with the hiring rate expected to drop 3.6 percent for new college graduates this year.

“A few years ago, when the market was at its peak, a 3 percent drop in hiring would not have been a big deal,” Robert Greenberg, director of UT Career Services said. “But with hiring down 3 percent from a terrible economy last year, it magnifies a bad situation. Students should be using every resource at their disposal.”

Greenberg said alumni also could take advantage of the services.

“We want students to know that Career Services is not closed off to them upon graduation,” Greenberg said. “Alumni have access to our resources and services and can remain registered in our system indefinitely.”

Career Services resources include a database of hundreds of career-related Web sites, career and placement counseling, resume critiques, interviewing workshops, etiquette dinners and access to video-conferencing.

“Our role has become increasingly important,” Greenberg said. “A career services office like ours is a traffic cop and a referee. We play a role in getting one group in touch with the other. We are the meeting point for employers and students.”