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KNOXVILLE — The University of Tennessee College of Arts and Sciences has honored 10 faculty members for advising, public service, teaching, and research and creative achievement in 2002.

Honorees recognized at the college’s annual faculty convocation ceremony are as follows:

Dr. Benita Howell, professor of anthropology who chairs the American Studies program, won the

Dr. Benita Howell

departmental advising award.

Dr. Charmaine Mamantov, chemistry instructor and advisor for pre-health students, was recognized

Dr. Charmaine Mamamtov

for college advising.

Dr. William B. Wheeler, history professor, UT faculty member since 1970 and former interim

Dr. William B. Wheeler

department head, was honored for career public service. He has spoken to 26 groups in 2002 and more than 100 in the past five years.

Dr. Rosalind Gwynne, associate professor of religious studies, was honored for this year’s public

Dr. Rosalind Gwynne

service after helping media, federal agencies, churches, and community and school groups seeking knowledge and understanding of the Islamic religion, Arabic language and culture, the Qur-an, and Osama bin Laden.

Dr. Kathleen Brosnan, assistant professor of history who came to UT in 1999, specializes in

Dr. Kathleen Brosnan

environmental history, particularly in the western United States. She received the junior faculty teaching award for designing courses using new educational media technologies.

Dr. Howard Pollio, psychology professor who has received practically every UT teaching award since

Dr. Howard Pollio

coming here in 1962, won the senior faculty teaching award.

Dr. Jake Weltzin, assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and UT faculty member

Dr. Jake Weltzin

since 1999, was the junior faculty research award winner for his studies on issues associated with such climate changes as global warming and invasion of exotic species.

Dr. Robert Compton, professor of chemistry and physics, was presented the senior faculty research

Dr. Robert Compton

honor for molecular research and for giving more than 200 related presentations in the last five years.

Other honorees were: Dr. Otto Schwarz, botany professor and interim director of the Division of

Dr. Otto Schwarz

Biology, recognized as a Scholar-in-the-Schools; and Dr. Allen Carroll, professor and former head of English, convocation marshal.

Dr. Allen Carroll