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Tuition at the University of Tennessee will go up 8 percent for most in-state, undergraduate students this fall. UT Board of Trustees approved a $890 million budget Wednesday and raised student fees to help fund it.

Two new fees for students in Knoxville go into effect for fall semester. Tennesseans will pay a $25 facilities fee per semester. The out-of-state student facilities fee will be $150.

The board approved a fee of $25 per credit hour, with a $200 maximum, for engineering courses. It will help cover the cost of upgrading equipment, support a new first-year instruction program and provide professional development activities for faculty, UT President J. Wade Gilley said.

Academic costs per semester for full-time undergraduate Tennessee residents not enrolled in engineering will be $1,681, an increase of $129.

The trustees raised fees for graduate students 4.5 percent. Law students will see a 15 percent hike. Medicine, dentistry and pharmacy fees at the Center for Health Science are going up 10 percent.

In-state veterinary medicine students will pay 15 percent more, while non-Tennessee vet students will pay 20 percent higher tuition and fees.

The UT statewide budget is $35.3 million higher than last fiscal year’s $854.6 million total. State appropriations are up $30.6 million and anticipated revenues from student fees will account for an additional $12.8 million.

UT-Chattanooga undergraduate students who are state residents will pay $1,417, compared to $1,330 last academic year. Comparable totals for UT-Martin are $1,415 and $1,328.