Updates and Information on Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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The University of Tennessee will remain open except in the most severe weather conditions. In such cases, the campus and local media will be notified immediately and announcements will be made regarding changes in the University operating schedule.

If the University is closed, certain essential activities such as food services, physical plant, police, steam plant, health services, and telephone services will continue to operate.

The library and University Center will remain open as a service to students and faculty if weather conditions permit.

If the University is open, all faculty, administrators and staff are expected to make every reasonable effort to maintain regular work schedules. They should use good judgment when snow or ice makes driving hazardous.

Students are responsible for academic work they miss due to absences caused by inclement weather. Students must take the initiative to make up missed classwork. Faculty should provide a reasonable opportunity for students to complete assignments or missed examinations due to such absences.

Announcement can be heard on local television and radio stations, or found on the Web at: Weather Page