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KNOXVILLE– Wilma Jordan, founder of a New York investment banking firm, has been selected as the University of Tennessee-Knoxville’s 1999 Volunteer of the Year.

The award is given to an individual or couple who give “untiring service and devotion to the university and the community.” It will be presented Monday at the annual Chancellor’s Associates dinner at the Hyatt Regency.

Jordan was a founder of 13-30 Corp. here while she was a UT student. She now is chief executive officer of Jordan Edmiston Group, an investment banking firm she founded in 1988 that serves the publishing, information and new media industries.

She is a 1970 UT business graduate and former chief operating officer of Esquire magazine.

“UT opened many doors for me, and I met many wonderful people and made many friends there,” Jordan said. “It was the catalyst that broadened my horizons.”

Snyder said her success reflects positively on UT-Knoxville.

“I am delighted that Ms. Jordan’s education from the University of Tennessee has served her so well in her business pursuits,” Snyder said. “I am equally happy that she reflects fondly on her experiences here and has chosen to give through her internship program other UT students opportunities that she considers valuable.”

Jordan Edmiston added a venture capital arm in 1999 to invest in early stage Internet companies that have a media focus. Clients include Reader’s Digest, The Economist, Dow Jones and the Hearst Corp. Last fiscal year, Jordan Edmiston completed more than 25 transactions totaling more than $500 million.

Jordan helped establish the Executive Women of Knoxville, supports the Halls High School Foundation and the Knoxville Women’s Center. She served as co-chair of the College of Business Administration’s 21st Century Campaign and serves on the college’s business advisory council.

She also established an endowment fund to provide fellowship stipends to train graduate students in business to aspire to the highest executive positions in America’s companies.

Jordan is married to George Green, president of Hearst Corp. They have two children, Elizabeth, 7, and William, 4.

Jordan grew up in the Halls neighborhood of Knoxville, and is the daughter of Reo and Mattie Porter Hacker.