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UT’s Commitment to Bidders on the ORNL Management and Operating (M&O) Contract

UT will assign individuals to work with any and all bidders by making its current ORNL subcontractor activities and relationships known to those bidders. UT will agree to perform in a subcontractor role with such bidders in the same manner as UT now works with Lockheed Martin Energy Research. UT will seek to establish good-faith working relationships with each bidder. The individuals involved in this cooperative effort will not be allowed to participate in any manner with the primary UT-Battelle bid effort.

Primary UT contact for interested bidders is:

Dr. Sheila Webster, Director

Energy, Environment and Resources Center

Technology Research and Development Program

University of Tennessee

685C Emory Valley Road

Oak Ridge, TN  37830

Phone: (423) 481-6001

Fax:     (423) 481-6009