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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The University of Tennessee Board of Trustees’ committee reviewing faculty tenure policies will meet with its advisory committee Wednesday.

Beauchamp Brogan, UT general counsel and secretary to the board of trustees, said the conference call meeting will originate at 5 p.m. from 800 Andy Holt Tower.

Trustee committee members are Roger Dickson, chair, Johnnie Amonette, Charlie Coffey, Steve Ennis, Jim Haslam, Clayton McWhorter, and Dr. Joe Johnson, UT president.

Advisory committee members are Dr. Jacqueline DeJonge, Dr. Otis Stephens, Dr. Al Burstein, Dr. Greg Reed, Dr. Bruce Wheeler, Dr. Bill Fox, Dr. Mary Tanner, Dr. Gene Ezell, Dr. Bob Smith, Dr. Charles Harding, Dr. Ahmad Vakili, Dr. Don Williams, Dr. Sharon Patton, Dr. Emmit Rawls, Dr. Dick Gourley, Dr. Leonard Share, Dr. Howard Horn, and Laura Lee Rappe, UT-Knoxville student (and vice president of the Student Government Association.)

Contact: Beauchamp Brogan (423-974-3247)