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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — An increase in the technology fee at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga to improve computer access for students was approved Thursday by a committee of the UT Board of Trustees.

 UT-Chattanooga Chancellor Bill Stacy said revenues generated by the additional fee would improve access for students to computer technology throughout the campus and from off-campus locations.

 The fee increase, from $15 to $100 per semester, was approved by the board’s finance committee. If approved Friday by the full board, the increase would go into effect fall semester.

 UT-Knoxville and UT-Martin already have the $100 per semester technology fee.

“The added funding will not take the place of the university’s existing budgetary commitment for computer technology,” Stacy said. “We are adding to it.”

 The Student Government Association has gone on record in favor of the increase, by a vote of 21 to two.

“It was clear to the SGA that students would gain so much more than they would pay,” said SGA President David Cope. “You have to keep up. You want to be in the lead. And the fee will help us do that.”

 Stacy said the fee increase would generate approximately $1.2 million annually. This would be added to the $2.3 million already allocated annually for technology.

 Existing funds for technology are derived from state appropriations, community support, and grants, Stacy said.

 The fee increase would:

 — Improve student access to computer networks by wiring residence halls, the University Center, and other public access points across campus.

 — Enhance student computer labs.

 — Set up a library system that would allow students to read articles placed on reserve from any campus location.

 — Purchase on-line journals, statistical abstracts and networked information resources.

 — Expand classroom instructional technology.


 Contact: Marc Cutright (423-755-4363)