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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Spanish language courses with emphasis on business and medical applications will be offered next semester at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

 Dr. John Romeiser, head of the Department of Romance Languages, said the courses will offer language applications previously available only in upper level courses.

 To take the courses students need two years of high school Spanish and a B average in UT’s Spanish 150 and 211 or equivalent courses.

“These courses bring business situations and medical personnel language down to the second year level,” Romeiser said. “First and second year instruction here has previously been broad and general.”

 Romeiser said officials in the College of Nursing and College of Business Administration have expressed support for the new courses.

 “We are optimistic the courses will be well received,” Romeiser said. “Spanish, in this country, is becoming increasingly a second language.”

 The medical Spanish course will focus on language that a nurse, emergency services provider or physician would use to communicate with an Hispanic patient, Romeiser said.

 For more information about the courses or eligibility to enroll call the Department of Romance Languages, 423-974-2311.