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 KNOXVILLE, Tenn.– Building and maintenance budgets of $139 million for improvements throughout the University of Tennessee system during 1998-99 were approved Thursday by the finance committee of the UT Board of Trustees.

 Approval was conditioned on an understanding that the trustees would have an opportunity to take a second look at the “programmatic and financial aspects” of one of the projects.

 The project, a biotechnology research facility, was planned on the basis of the construction costs being split 50-50 between state and federal government.

“We expected $13 million in federal funds,” said UT President Joe Johnson, “but we have in hand only about $5 million, with no more expected. That federal program is gone.”

 From UT’s and the state’s perspective, the change was substantial.

 “It went from a $13 million project to $23 million,” said Johnson, who offered the compromise of approving the budgets, but at the same time giving the trustees a chance at a later date to review the project again.

The capital outlay and maintenance budgets, subject to approval Friday by the full board, go to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

 THEC then makes appropriations recommendations to the governor and the Tennessee General Assembly for all public higher education.

 Eli Fly, UT vice president for business and finance, said the projects and priorities differ little from those approved by the board a year ago, except for the change in the price tag on the biotechnology facility.

Fly said he recommended the same list because the legislature appropriated no money to UT this year for capital construction and only $4.8 million for capital maintenance.

The finance committee approved a capital outlay budget of $127,658,000 and a maintenance budget of $11,365,000.

 Capital outlay projects, in order of priority:

 — Alumni Memorial renovation at UT-Knoxville to convert existing auditorium/gymnasia and locker rooms to office, laboratory and classroom space, $10,325,000.

 — Hesler Biology renovation at UT-Knoxville to update portions of the building constructed in 1936 and another portion built in 1963, $19,441,000.

 — Brehm Hall improvements at UT-Martin to update the building constructed in 1951 to better meet the needs of the departments of agriculture and biology, $6,928,000.

 — Biotechnology research facilities, second phase, the UT Institute of Agriculture, Knoxville, to create research and office space in the plant sciences, $23,064,000.

— Middle Tennessee Center for Agriculture and Public Service, UT Institute of Agriculture in Spring Hill, to create a new facility of laboratories, conference and administrative space, $8,200,000.

 — Engineering, math and computer science facility and land acquisition at UT-Chattanooga to create new laboratory, classroom and academic support space, $23,500,000.

 — Glocker Business Building renovation at UT-Knoxville to update structure opened in 1950 and all systems, including data and communications wiring, $10,350,000.

 — College of Pharmacy facility at UT-Memphis to create new laboratories, classrooms, office and academic support space, $25,850,000.

 Capital maintenance projects, in order of priority: — Hyman Building air conditioning chiller replacement, UT-Memphis, $740,000.

 — Stokely Management Center chiller replacement, UT-Knoxville, $1,305,000.

 — York & Ridley 4-H Camp Improvements, UT Institute of Agriculture, $895,000.

 — Building system improvements at UT Space Institute, Tullahoma, Tenn., $930,000.

 — Student Alumni Center heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) system improvements, UT-Memphis, $930,000.

 — Roof replacements, UT-Martin, $765,000.

 — Roof replacements, UT-Knoxville, $1,310,000.

 — Veterinary Hospital roof replacements and site improvements, UT Institute of Agriculture, Knoxville, $1,550,000.

 — Hunter Hall HVAC improvements, UT-Chattanooga, $1,100,000.

 — Masonry repairs, second phase, UT-Knoxville, $1,030,000.

 — Gooch Hall HVAC improvements, UT-Martin, $810,000. —

 Contact: Eli Fly (423-974-2243)