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KNOXVILLE, Tenn.– Students at Austin-East Magnet High School, with help from staff of the University of Tennessee, Friday learned how to create an Internet gallery of their art.

 The gallery celebrates the work of folk artist Bessie Harvey, who was recently honored by the Knoxville Museum of Art’s exhibit “Awakening the Spirits: Art by Bessie Harvey.”

 Staff from the UT-Knoxville Division for Information Infrastructure’s SunSITE Project and the Innovative Technologies Center helped the students learn how to create digital photographs and 3-D images of their sculptures, paintings and designs.

 Project coordinator Chris Hodge said the effort is in keeping with SunSITE’s mission to use technology on campus and in the community to make local resources of national interest more accessible through the Internet.

 “We believe the Bessie Harvey Project meets both criteria in a dramatic way,” Hodge said.

The student workshop is part of a larger SunSITE project to create a virtual website for “Awakening the Spirits” to open later this fall, Hodge said.


 Contact: Chris Hodge (423-974-6616)