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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Representatives from Collegiate Licensing Co. will be on the lookout for counterfeit collegiate merchandise being sold to fans attending the Tennessee-Texas Tech game Saturday.

 Bruce Siegal, CLC vice president and general counsel, said the company will work closely with Knoxville law enforcement officials and representatives from the University of Tennessee in patrolling the marketplace before, during and after the game.

 Counterfeit merchandise is subject to seizure and those selling unlicensed goods will be prosecuted, he said.

 “Protecting the integrity and reputation of the University of Tennessee is our primary concern,” Siegal said. “By working with law enforcement officials, we are able to deter the sale of counterfeit merchandise and provide an atmosphere where only officially licensed merchandise is sold.”

 UT’s licensing revenues are used for student scholarships and other activities, Sara Phillips, UT’s director of licensing, said.

 CLC and university representatives also will look for merchandise that might violate NCAA regulations. Use of a student athlete’s name or photo could threaten the player’s eligibility, Phillips said.

 When considering Tennessee merchandise, fans should: — Look for a red and blue round “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” logo somewhere on the product.

 — Purchase merchandise that depicts UT’s logos and marks in a tasteful manner.

 — Find a tag in the garment that is intact. A torn or missing tag is evidence of a secondhand garment that probably would not meet the quality standards currently in place at UT.

 — Assure the manufacturer’s name is somewhere on the product.

 — Buy only merchandise with trademark designations next to a specific name or design.

 Anyone suspecting counterfeit merchandise should call Collegiate Licensing Company at (770)956-0520 to report the suspected infringement.

 Contact: Sara Phillips (423-974-5070)