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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The speech communication department at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville is moving from the College of Arts and Sciences to the College of Communications, campus officials announced Wednesday.

 Dr. John Peters, UT-Knoxville vice chancellor for academic affairs, said seven full-time faculty and 100 undergraduates in speech communication will join 27 faculty and about 1,100 students in the College of Communications.

 Peters said the transfer increases the potential for shared resources and creation of a master’s degree program in speech communication.

 “This move will strengthen the department and expand the college’s ability to meet the needs of its students,” Peters said.

 Dr. Dwight Teeter, UT-Knoxville dean of communications, said a close relationship has long existed between the department and the college.

“Speech communication has had a track in our doctoral program for 20 years,” Teeter said. “We are bound by a real community of interests.”

 Dr. John Haas, head of speech communication, said the transfer will boost joint research.

 “There are a lot of funding opportunities out there,” Haas said. “If we bring together folks who have similar kinds of interests, the research portion of our mission will be strengthened immeasurably.”

UT-Knoxville’s College of Communications was formed in 1969, and the speech communication department in 1987.


 Contact: Dr. Dwight Teeter (423-974-3031) or Dr. John Haas (423-9744-2090)