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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — The nation’s resource recycling success is a good example of the power of volunteerism, a University of Tennessee reasearch associate honored at the President’s Summit on Volunteerism said Wednesday.

 Catherine Wilt of UT’s Energy, Environment and Resources Center is on the National Recycling Coalition (NRC) board, which was recognized for its commitment to programs for America’s youths. Wilt was invited to attend the summit with NRC President Susan Hubbard.

 “It was a very exciting, moving summit which will hopefully lead to increased volunteerism at all levels,” Wilt said.

 Wilt said the U.S. recycling movement is a good example of how volunteerism works.

 “The U.S. recycling policy started at the grassroots level from the first Earth Day,” Wilt said. “It has snowballed into a multi-billion dollar industry that creates thousands of jobs and supports the environmental efforts of industries and communities across the country.”

 Wilt coordinates the Tennessee Solid Waste Education Project at UT, which provides materials, services and recycling career information to state educators and students. She co-chairs the NRC “Recycling to Build Communities” program, which promotes community recycling to create jobs.


 Contact: Catherine Wilt (423-974-1915)