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 CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — Two 1996 University of Tennessee-Chattanooga chemistry department graduates have been awarded National Science Foundation Fellowships.

 Dr. Greg Grant, Grote professor of chemistry at UT-Chattanooga, said Russell P. Linnemann II and Matt Epperson are among the 2 percent of chemistry graduate students in the nation designated NSF Fellows.

 Linnemann is a first-year graduate student at UT-Knoxville where he is the chemistry department’s first Buehler Platinum Fellow.

Epperson is a first-year graduate student at the University of Illinois.

 Grant said the NSF fellows provide Linnemann and Epperson with $15,000 each year for their entire graduate careers, in addition to supplements provided by their own graduate departments.

 Epperson, a native of Bradley County, is working on his doctoral degree at Illinois. He also has earned Illinois’ Roger Adams Fellowship for promising graduate students.

 Linnemann, who graduated from high school at St. Nicholas School in Chattanooga, earned two undergraduate degrees at UT-Chattanooga, one in mathematics and economics and the other in chemistry.

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