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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Employees of Tennessee companies can learn more about team management skills through workshops offered by the University of Tennessee’s Center for Industrial Services.

 Eleven different training sessions on corporate team-building tactics are scheduled in Knoxville, Jackson and Nashville between June 3 and November 20.

Ron Rader, CIS training manager, said workshop topics include team fundamentals, understanding differences in the workplace, building communication skills and training team leaders.

 The seminars will help the growing number of companies using networks of small work groups, or teams, to manage business and corporate performance, Rader said.

 The training program was developed by CIS and Resource Management Services, an East Tennessee manufacturing and service company performance consultant.

 For more information, contact Rader at (423) 974-3018.

 — Contact: Ron Rader (423-974-3018)