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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — S.D. Yana Davis has been named the first development director at WUOT, the University of Tennessee-Knoxville’s public radio station.

Davis is responsible for all fund-raising activities at the public radio station, including direct-mail, individual and business solicitation and the implementation of on-air fund raising, said Regina Dean, executive director of UT’s radio center.

“WUOT is fortunate to have such an experienced public broadcasting fund-raiser join our staff to lead our underwriting and membership efforts,” Dean said.

“As federal funding for public radio diminishes, WUOT will certainly benefit from Mr. Davis’ expertise and the new ideas he brings to UT public radio.”

Davis was corporate support manager at Southern Illinois University’s radio station, WSIU-FM, from 1991 to 1996. He has extensive experience in public radio and communications, including communications marketing, business underwriting and program syndication, Dean said.

Davis received the B.A. degree in English literature from the University of Alabama-Birmingham. He began working in radio in 1972.

Contact: Regina Dean (423-974-5375)