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Data Center Knowledge: Looking Beyond Linpack, New Supercomputing Benchmark in the Works

Data Center Knowledge featured the efforts of Distinguished Professor of Computer Science Jack Dongarra to revamp the performance metric used to rank the world’s top supercomputers. With so much emphasis and funding invested in the Top500 rankings, the 20-year old Linpack benchmark has come under scrutiny, with some in the community suggesting it needs to

The Times of India: China’s Tianhe-2 named world’s fastest supercomputer

An article in The Times of India features China’s Tianhe-2 supercomputer, aka Milkyway-2, which recently measured at speeds of nearly 31 petaflops surpassing the current record holder by 74 percent, Ars Technica. The numbers were revealed by distinguished computer science professor Jack Dongarra, who introduced the computer speed measuring Linpack benchmarks, and who helps compile