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Woodhull's mural, located just behind downtown Knoxville's Gay Street on one side of the State Street municipal parking garage.

Paris Woodhull and Kristin Luna, alumnae of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, have come together to design and coordinate the creation of an “It’s Great to Be a Tennessee Vol” mural, which is now complete. The mural is located just behind downtown Knoxville’s Gay Street on one side of the State Street municipal parking garage.

The mural, commissioned on behalf of UT’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions and sponsored by Visit Knoxville, will encourage current and future UT students to explore downtown and share why it’s great to be a Vol. As an alumna, Woodhull believes giving back to the community is what Volunteers do best.

“I wanted a chance to show the scope of UT. We are scientists, athletes, writers, artists, engineers—and the list goes on and on,” Woodhull said. “I love the diversity of people and studies that UT has to offer, and that should be celebrated.”

Students, faculty, and staff, as well as alumni and prospective students, are encouraged to stop by the mural when they visit downtown. The mural provides an artistic space to represent some of Knoxville’s most recognized landmarks, show off the Big Orange family, and celebrate all Vols.

In Knoxville, residents and visitors alike find a city full of culture, art, music, sports, and a landscape of variety.

“For me, this mural means that UT is an inclusive space for people of every walk of life, and we are going to shout it to the rooftops,” Woodhull said. “Volunteers use their strengths and interests to add something valuable to their community and neighbors.”

The mural is located at 500 State Street in Knoxville.


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