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Brood X cicadas are emerging after 17 years just in time to serenade Mom this Mother’s Day. Jerome Grant, a professor of entomology and plant pathology at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, has shared some fact-or-fiction statements about cicadas. As a bonus, in this video he shows how to cook with insects.

Fact or Fiction?

Cicadas are harmful to humans and animals. Fiction

Cicadas are beneficial to us. Fact

Periodical cicadas have the longest developmental time of any insect in North America. Fact

Cicadas are toxic. Fiction

Only male cicadas produce sound. Fact

Male cicadas produce sound mainly to attract a mate. Fact

Cicadas will damage or kill plants in your landscape or garden. Fiction

Cicadas can be eaten by humans. Fact

Brood X cicadas will be everywhere this year. Fiction

Cicadas are locusts. Fiction

99 percent of the life of a periodical cicada is spent underground. Fact

Male cicadas produce sound similar to a lawnmower or a low-flying airplane. Fact

Cicadas can bite and sting humans. Fiction

Cicadas occur every year in Tennessee. Fact

After this spring, Brood X periodical cicadas will not be above ground until 2038. Fact

Cicadas can damage trees. Fact

At least three cookbooks are dedicated to cicadas as food. Fact


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