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Chef Papa Diouf being awarded the Aramark Chef Spotlight Award at Fresh Food Company in Stokely Hall. Present were Tiru Chabba, vice president of operations; Masa Yamashita, regional culinary director; Brian Browning, associate vice chancellor for finance and administration; David Vandenberg, regional vice president; and Tim McWilliams, senior resident district manager for Vol Dining.

Vol Dining is excited to announce Chef Papa Diouf from the Stokely Hall Fresh Food Company is one of three chefs nationwide to win the Aramark Chef Spotlight award this month. The program aims to celebrate diverse culinary talent, team member stories, and recipes throughout the year. The month of February is spotlighting Black culinary excellence in celebration of Black History Month.

Born and raised in Senegal, West Africa, Diouf applies his native home cooking experience to his skills as a chef. He strives to discover and learn new skills to expand his knowledge of global cuisine. Diouf’s goal is to help incorporate and introduce these foods to his guests in every dish he makes.

His signature dish is Mafe, a traditional Senegalese stew that is peanut butter and tomato based. There are many versions of this stew across Africa that use different meats, vegetables, and spices. Diouf’s recipe is made with beef and served over rice with roasted carrots.

Diouf was honored at Stokely Fresh Food Company, presented with a plaque by Brian Browning, UT associate vice chancellor of finance and administration; Tim McWilliams, senior resident district manager of Vol Dining; and other leadership staff. Diouf will also be celebrated by having his recipe and the story that inspired him shared in the locations Aramark serves.


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