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Seal on Pedestrian Walkway Note: Predates the Whirlwind of Opportunity sculpture.

UT’s pedestrian mall west extension has been awarded a landscape architecture citation in the 2019 American School and University Architectural Portfolio, the premier competition honoring excellence in educational design.

In addition, UT received outstanding design awards for Phase II of the Student Union, the Volunteer Boulevard streetscape project, the west campus dining hall, and the campus way-finding project. UT and other winners will be featured in an ASUA publication in November.

A panel of judges praised the pedestrian mall extension, saying that “within its category, it’s an exemplar in taking an opportunity to enrich quality of place through scale, variety, color, texture and use. A complex variety of scaled exterior spaces enhance the pedestrian experience.”

“The extension will transform the western section of Andy Holt Avenue into a green ribbon of activity that knits our campus together,” said UT Associate Vice Chancellor of Facilities Services Dave Irvin.

The Johnson-Ward Pedestrian Walkway runs through the academic core of campus, reflecting a sense of tradition and formality, Irvin said. The Division of Student Life influenced the new mall extension design.

The long-term plan is to completely convert Andy Holt Avenue into a pedestrian corridor with visible stormwater management features. A controlled-access transit lane will provide campus bus service and scheduled delivery access to the dining hall. Two bike lanes are included in the new design. Construction on the next phase is set for early 2020.


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