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The registration window for summer and fall 2019 classes will open soon. Federal regulations require the university to make a reasonable effort to disclose textbook prices to students when they register for classes. To help ensure compliance with these regulations, faculty are asked to share their summer and fall textbook selections with the VolShop now.

To share your textbook selections with the VolShop, visit and select Faculty Adoption from the Volbooks menu. You will be prompted to enter your UT email address. After doing so, check your email for a message with the subject “Bookstore” and follow the personalized link provided in that message. You will then be able to enter textbook information for your upcoming classes.

If you intend to use a course pack (copies of journal articles, newspaper articles, etc. bound together as a substitute for or supplement to a regular textbook) for your summer 2019 classes, please share the table of contents for the course pack with the VolShop. In many cases, the VolShop can produce course packs that are less expensive than those provided by for-profit businesses. The VolShop can also assist in ensuring that your course pack complies with federal copyright regulations.

For assistance with the textbook selection process, or to share your course pack table of contents with the VolShop, contact Shirley Streeter at