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Fall Campus 2018
An outdoor beauty shot Strong Hall.

A small fire in Strong Hall on Saturday morning has resulted in some water damage on the second through fifth floors. The building and all of its labs are open today.

The fire was sparked by electronic equipment on a workbench in Room 525G. Fire damage was minimal and limited to that room. Most of the water damage is limited to the north end of the fifth floor and the areas below. The damage from the fire itself was minimal due to the proper operation of the fire sprinkler system.

Belfor, the university’s remediation contractor, is overseeing cleanup.

Those with respiratory conditions (asthma, COPD, reactive airway diseases, or other sensitivities) should be aware that there could be residual smoke and soot odors. Also, those working in the affected areas should note that remediation efforts—such as carpet replacement and repairs to ceilings and sheetrock—are ongoing.