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Eleven faculty members from a variety of fields have been chosen to participate in the SEC Faculty Travel Program for the 2018–19 academic year. These participants will visit other SEC universities to exchange ideas, develop grant proposals, conduct research, and deliver lectures or performances:

  • Kristy Allen, assistant professor of clinical psychology, visiting Vanderbilt University
  • Gerard Cohen-Vrignaud, associate professor of English, visiting Vanderbilt University
  • Nathan Fleshner, assistant professor of music theory and composition, visiting the University of South Carolina
  • Elyssa Gould, assistant professor and electronic resource librarian in UT Libraries, visiting Texas A&M University
  • Frances Harper, assistant professor of STEM education and math, visiting Vanderbilt University
  • Nancy Henry, Nancy Moore Goslee Professor of English, visiting Vanderbilt University
  • Anne Ho, lecturer of mathematics, visiting Vanderbilt University
  • Andrea Lear, clinical instructor and PhD student in veterinary medicine, visiting Auburn University
  • Rob Lieberthal, assistant professor in the Department of Public Health, visiting the University of Kentucky
  • Kathleen Powers, assistant professor of accounting and information management, visiting Texas A&M University
  • Tim Sparer, associate professor of microbiology, visiting Louisiana State University

By providing financial assistance and encouraging collaboration within the conference, this program, established in 2012, supports both economic development and the enhancement of education, research, and service at the SEC’s 14 member universities.