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Normandy Scholars is an interdisciplinary program designed to allow undergraduate students of all majors to study World War II in a wider context.

“We used history, philosophy, literature, architecture and memory studies to look at the experiences of war from all angles. This has made me a better researcher and scholar because it has helped me to understand the linkages that exist between all academic departments,” says student Jay Hearn, who participated in the 2018 program.

The program includes a three-hour spring 2019 class and a mini-session study abroad experience to London, Normandy, Paris, and Amsterdam. All students receive a scholarship of $3,000 to help cover the cost of the mini-session study tour.

Applications for the spring 2019 program are due October 16, and are processed by the Programs Abroad Office.

“I would recommend the Normandy Scholars program to other students because [it] gives you an opportunity like no other on campus to study with like-minded peers and travel together on a truly profound trip that begins in the classroom and ends on the actual sites of memory that Americans and Europeans both commemorate in their understanding of World War II,” said Hearn.

While abroad, students will visit memorials, museums, galleries, parks, and cemeteries. To read more about past students’ experiences, check out the Scholars blog.

Want to learn more? Contact us!

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