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The Student Government Association is promoting health and hydration on hot game days by providing free water for students in their new campaign, Water in Neyland.

Water in Neyland rolled out last weekend at UT’s first home game against East Tennessee State University. At each home game, three industrial-sized water coolers will be placed in sections Y8 (Level 1), C/D (Level 1) and E/F (Level 2), offering free water to students throughout the game. Cups will be provided near the water coolers; however, students are now permitted to bring empty clear water bottles into the games to be filled.

“Water is always a necessity, and we wanted to make it accessible for every student, especially on hot game days,” said SGA Co-Director of Communications Delaney Reece.

Hydration is essential for overall health. With temperatures expected to reach the upper 80s this Saturday, it will be important for game attendees to drink plenty of water. Signage will be in place to indicate the coolers’ locations on game day.


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