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UT students will have more than 900 new parking spaces this fall as Parking and Transit Services works to support existing parking needs and a large incoming freshman class.

All students need a 2018–19 UT parking permit to use campus lots. Residential and commuter students must purchase their permit online. The permit will arrive in the mail; a temporary permit PDF will be provided at the time of purchase. The temporary permit remains valid for 14 days and will allow students to immediately park in their designated area.

Students residing in fraternity and sorority housing must purchase their 2018–19 permits at the Parking and Transit Services office, 2121 Stephenson Drive, since they must be preapproved by the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life.

Students who need accessible parking are required to purchase a UT accessible parking permit at the Parking and Transit Services office and display it along with their valid state-issued placard or license plate. Vehicles displaying both state and UT permits can be parked in any accessible space as well as any unreserved space not designated for UT vehicles.

Student veterans who are recipients of the Purple Heart decoration can apply for a special parking permit.

All students are reminded to display their permit or hangtag properly.

Commuter Students

Good news: There are more than 500 new commuter spaces for the 2018–19 school year.

Peak hours for all parking on campus are from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Commuters are encouraged to arrive early and ride the T to get around campus.

The new Terrace Avenue Garage offers 1,020 parking spaces and is available for commuter students on weekdays. The new garage is outfitted with real-time availability through the UT app. A chart will show the garage’s occupancy percentage, saving students and staff from driving around the garage’s levels if it is already full.

Popular parking options are the G10 garage, with 1,900 commuter spaces, and the Volunteer Boulevard G16 Garage, with designated levels for commuter parking. When both of these options are full, the closest areas are the GF-2, GF-3, and GF-4 lots along Todd Helton Drive near the Lindsey Nelson Baseball Stadium, open weekdays between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Commuters will have an option closer to the Hill as the S7 lot on the east side of the Min Kao Building will be mixed-use S7 and C18 parking.

One hundred new parking spaces are located in a new lot near the TRECs facility at the site of the former Sports Bubble on Andy Holt Avenue. The lot offers staff and commuter student parking.

Note that the former mixed use staff and commuter lot across from UT Rowing on Neyland Drive is now staff parking only.

The N12 lot on Lake Avenue will continue to allow commuter parking as indicated by the signs.

Parking and Transit Services also recommends these surface parking lots:

  • C1 lot (located beside Lindsey Nelson Baseball Stadium; enter from Todd Helton Drive)
  • C7 lot (located on the hill across the street from the Terrace Avenue and Lake Avenue Garages)
  • C22 lot (located at the corner of Volunteer Boulevard and Todd Helton Drive; diagonally across from TRECS)
  • C26 lot (located east of the S7 lot at the Min Kao Building)
  • SC40 at the Kingston Pike Building

Residential Students

All levels of the Lake Avenue Garage are now N6 noncommuter parking, resulting in a net increase of 400 noncommuter spaces.

The small gravel N18 noncommuter lot on Caledonia Avenue has been closed now that additional noncommuter parking is available closer to residence halls—specifically the additional spaces in the Lake Avenue Garage.

Noncommuter parking in the large lot at the corner of Joe Johnson Drive and Neyland Drive on the agriculture campus has been eliminated.

Once the Lake Avenue Garage is full, the overflow options for noncommuter parking are surface parking lots N10, N11, and N12 on Lake Avenue near Volunteer Boulevard.

Ag Campus Overflow Parking

Students taking classes on the agriculture campus should make use of overflow parking in the C22 lot on the corner of Todd Helton Drive and Volunteer Boulevard.

A parking area with 38 commuter spaces can be found tucked into the lowest level of parking at the UT Visitors Center and is a five-minute walk to the ag campus.

Ride the T

The T transit system resumes its full schedule Monday, August 20, offering four fixed routes (the Hill, Neyland Express, the Fort, and Late Nite), accessible van service, and the T Link. Beginning Wednesday, August 22, two shuttle routes to Oak Ridge National Laboratory/Pellissippi State Community College and the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials (JIAM) at Cherokee Farm resume regular service.

Download the UT app and use the transit feature to see the location and route of the T buses and watch T buses move in real time. The app is available for download through iTunes and Google Play.

For more information, contact Parking and Transit Services at 865-974-6031 or