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The campus community now has access to iThenticate, a program that scans documents for potential plagiarism.

The Office of Research and Engagement will offer a series of workshops on using iThenticate on Thursday, November 9, and Friday, November 10, in A004 Blount Hall. Workshops are limited to 40 attendees, and those attending can bring a laptop and a sample digital paper to follow along. Sign up at the Office of Research and Engagement website or contact Donna Ford at with questions.

iThenticate is a valuable safeguard for researchers by helping them find and fix problems before submitting their work. Documents such as research papers and dissertations are uploaded to be scanned by the software and cross-checked against repositories of published works. The system then provides a report matching areas of the scanned document where there might be significant overlap with another published document. The system points only to issues of possible plagiarism; users must look closely at each instance to determine if it has been correctly cited.

For more information, visit the “Using iThenticate” page on the Graduate School website.

To help users address issues raised through iThenticate before submitting work, the university provides resources such as the Scholarly Publishing Toolkit. The UT Libraries’ Subject Librarians and the Office of Research Integrity can also provide assistance.