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Have you ever studied for hours and still felt like you didn’t know your class material? Do you need to develop a plan to accomplish your goals? Do you ever wonder where all your time goes? Academic coaching through the Student Success Center can help.

Working with an academic coach can help you study smarter by developing skills in time management, goal setting, learning styles, and strategies. Coaches can help you manage your time, develop study strategies, plan for tests, and design learning strategies tailored to you.

Meeting with a coach is comfortable and low-maintenance. It’s a chance for you to talk about your own experience at UT, in and out of the classroom. You’ll be listened to and taken seriously.

SSC data shows that students who meet with an academic coach regularly achieve higher academic success, so come early and often to make the most out of your coaching experience.

The Student Success Center is a friendly and inviting place where you can come for academic assistance. The center offers supplemental instruction, free out of class study sessions; tutoring, one-on-one sessions with certified tutors; and academic coaching, a one-on-one conversation with trained coaches who can help you develop academic skills. Keep your semester going strong by visiting an academic coach  often.

Remember, the Student Success Center is here to help you achieve academic success. The center is located in Greve Hall Room 324.