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Ken Jennings, the game show contestant famous for his Jeopardy winning streak, is quoted as saying “There’s just something hypnotic about maps.” Visitors to UT’s newly updated online campus map might agree, once they take a tour.

The site’s interface has been streamlined and optimized for use on mobile devices, but the real difference is what is under the hood.

An abundance of map overlays to help explore campus are available. The newest overlay displays the locations of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi connectivity. Other overlays map the locations of family resources such as lactation rooms and safety resources such as Blue Phones, storm shelters, and defibrillators. A “Make Orange Green” layer pinpoints the many ways UT is helping the environment, with recycling bins, self-service bicycle repair stations, and new buildings that meet exacting environmental standards for energy efficiency.

The new updates went into effect this month.