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In an effort to encourage a “greener” approach to printing, OIT, in conjunction with the Student Government Association and the UT Technology Fee Advisory Board, will be making a change to the VolPrint charge model on August 14.

The new fees for black and white printing are:

  • $0.03   first side of the page
  • $0.01   second/duplex side of the page.

Previously, the fee was $0.02 per page for black and white. Under the new model, the charge for a single page, 2-sided document remains the same at $0.04.   If you choose to only print on a single side, the charge will increase by $0.01 per page printed. Color printing charges will remain the same. 

By using the duplex printing, you will not only use less paper; you save the resources used to create the paper including water, trees, energy, and waste.

Recommended printing alternatives are:

  • Ask others to provide materials to you in electronic format – and do the same for them (e.g. class notes, e-mail, and other non-copyrighted material).
  • Send/share files electronically.
  • Email Internet addresses (URLs) to yourself so you can access a site later.
  • Email files or note to yourself as a quick way to save information for use at a later date.
  • Use your T-storage. You can access (H: drive) from any computer lab on campus and by using the VPN from off campus.
  • Use your Office 365 OneDrive and Google Drive for additional file storage.