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Chris Cherry

The town of Queretaro, Mexico, has almost tripled in both population and size in the last generation, leading to a breakdown of basic transportation due to massive congestion issues.

Next City magazine, which looks at how cities are adapting for the future, profiled the town as it attempts to introduce an e-bike sharing program to try to alleviate concerns.

UT’s Chris Cherry, an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, is an expert in such bikes and spoke to the magazine about the logistics involved with Queretaro trying to make such a plan work.

“With electric bikes, you add a layer of logistics on top of the traditional bike-share logistics problem, which is already really hard and one of the most expensive parts of the process,” said Cherry.

Cherry went on to explain other challenges in starting up a network, such as providing power for the bikes.

The full story can be seen at Next City