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Joshua Dobbs

The skills Josh Dobbs showed both on the field as quarterback for Tennessee and in the classroom as an aerospace engineering major in UT’s Tickle College of Engineering for the last four years culminate in his graduation today. 

ESPN documented what the day will be like for Dobbs, who has to fly to Pittsburgh later tonight for his first practices with the Steelers, and what his new coaches there think about his academic abilities. 

The story even mentioned that some of those coaches and new teammates are eager to have him tell stories about his internships working on the F-135 engine and other exploits from the aerospace world. 

As for Dobbs, he heaped high praise upon the college and the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Biomedical Engineering, saying, “the preparation and the mental aptitude and mental toughness that it takes to push through four years in college, pursuing an aerospace engineering degree with a business minor, and playing Division I SEC Football,” has helped prepare him for the grind of the NFL. 

“The same mindset that you have in the classroom that you take into the film room and then onto the field,” he said. 

The full article can be read at ESPN.