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As President Trump approaches his 100th day in office, CNN reports that it appears to be impossible for┬áCongress to get anything done. CNN interviewed Dan Feller, a professor in the Department of History, regarding Congress’s history of dysfunction.

“Yes, Congress has become habitually dysfunctional. For it to be habitually dysfunctional is new,” said Feller.

“The one case that you can look back to where Congress had been equally and even more dysfunctional is the 1850s and of course that is not encouraging because of what happened at the end of that,” Feller said, referring to the Civil War period.

Congress must pass Trump’s proposed budget by this Friday or the government will shut down. CNN claims that┬áTrump’s first budget showdown is not as severe. But no one knows yet whether it will end with government workers being furloughed and museums shuttered and national parks putting up “closed” signs.