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The Department of Physics and Astronomy will host an “Ask a Physicist” Facebook Live question and answer session at 11 a.m. Wednesday, April 12, on the department’s  Facebook page.

Physicists Andrew Steiner, an assistant professor and UT-ORNL joint faculty member, and Jun Han, a postdoctoral researcher, will conduct the live event, titled Ultra-Dense Matter: What Are Neutron Stars Made Of?

Steiner and Han will discuss neutron stars, the second most compact objects in the universe. By observing these stars, scientists can better understand how our universe works. The core of these stars can provide us with clues on the nature of quantum chromodynamics, the nuclear strong force.

Tune in to the session to engage with experts and learn more about these little-researched stars and the implications they hold for our universe.


Kranti Gunthoti (865-974-5697,