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UT Andrew Jackson scholar Daniel Feller has been invited to join a team of experts to review The Papers of Abraham Lincoln.

The panel will make recommendations such as the best digital platform for publishing Lincoln’s papers, the project’s staffing needs, and the best organizational structure.

The goal of The Papers of Abraham Lincoln is to locate, transcribe, and publish every document written by or to Lincoln. Based in Springfield, Illinois, the project is the work of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency and the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum.

Feller, UT professor of history, is the director of The Papers of Andrew Jackson, a UT sponsored project that is working to collect and publish the seventh president’s entire extant literary record.

Feller came to UT in 2003 and has since edited the first four presidential volumes of The Papers of Andrew Jackson. He is also the author of two books on Jacksonian America.

The project has obtained photocopies of every known and available Jackson document, including letters he wrote and received, official and military papers, drafts, memoranda, legal papers, and financial records—some 100,000 items in all.

The Andrew Jackson project is now producing a series of 17 volumes that will bring his most important papers to the public in an easily readable form. Published volumes are available as part of Rotunda’s American Founding Era digital collection. Also available online is the Library of Congress’s Andrew Jackson Papers, a digital archive that provides direct access to the manuscript images of many of the Jackson documents transcribed and annotated in the project’s volumes.


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