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Kennedy Sanders is a freshman from Signal Mountain, Tennessee, majoring in nutrition with the leadership studies minor. She’s active in mock trial and hopes to join more clubs and activities next year. She attended the Ignite leadership summit and hopes to serve as a team leader next year. She also loves going to the TRECS and enjoying Zumba classes with her friends.

What makes you unique?

I, along with many other Vols, had a rather difficult childhood. I faced a lot of difficulties and losses. I lost contact with my mother in an extremely complicated situation when I was only 6, but have been able to turn my struggles into words of inspiration for others.

People often say they are surprised and admiring of my unstoppable positivity and spirit! I just want to show others that success and happiness are always within reach, even in the face of adversity.

What tips do you have for your fellow students?

I encourage my peers to stay active and practice self-love! As a nutrition major, I think that a major key to happiness and success is a well-balanced diet and regular activity. Another really important tip is to take advantage of all of the wonderful resources we have on campus- from the wellness center to the Student Success Center to the Pride Center! I think all Vols need to realize that we are so fortunate to have what we do and that help is everywhere!

What are some of your favorite spots on campus?

I LOVE the Fresh Food Company so much because the staff is warm, kind, and inviting! It’s nice to have a warm meal that feels like it was cooked by my dad. Massey Hall is the best residence hall because it’s so close to everything and I’ve made my dorm room feel like home- I miss it when I go back! Another place I feel at home is TRECS because the group fitness instructors are kind and fun!