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If a tornado was headed for our campus, would you know what to do?  Where would you go?

This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week, and we’re sharing some important information about tornado safety.

On Thursday, we are conducting a tornado awareness drill using the UT Alert text messaging and email system.

When you get the UT alert, think about where you are and the best place to seek shelter at that moment.

We’re purposely not sharing the exact time of the drill. We know that our students, faculty, and staff visit numerous buildings throughout their day.

When you get that text, all we ask is that you stop for a moment and think about where you would go to seek shelter.

  • Every building on campus has a designated shelter location.
  • As a rule, these areas are windowless interior spaces, located on the lowest floors of the building.
  • The best shelter locations are listed on interior signs in all buildings. Most signs are located near elevators and exits.

We encourage students, faculty and staff to follow the UT Knoxville Snapchat account (utknoxville) on Thursday for additional tips. Those who follow the story will have a chance to win giveaways.