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TorchLight is a new way to get campus news. Until last year, this student-run campus media was branded as TVC News, which produced a 30-minute newscast each week. 

More and more, people are looking for short, sweet, and to the point news, and TorchLight is producing that. Each week, the team gathers all possible content and then focuses only on the most important stories students need to know. 

Three days a week, students will get a different dose of TorchLight news.

Every Monday is TorchLight Sports, bringing students the inside scoop on all things athletics. Every Wednesday is TorchLight Feature. Students have a story, and the team wants to tell it.  Every Friday is TorchLight News, focusing on the news students need to know. 

Let the team know if there is something you are passionate about and you think needs to be covered. They want campus involved in the weekly development of the show. 

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Watch their first show of the semester!