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For the second year in a row, the prestigious National Academy of Engineering has elected a researcher affiliated with UT to its ranks. Professor Emeritus Bimal Bose was selected for the class of 2017.

“This honor has come to me very late in my career, but I am thrilled with the news,” said Bose, who worked in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. “I would like to express my immense gratitude to the UT, particularly to Tickle College of Engineering Dean Wayne Davis and the head of the department, Leon Tolbert, for giving me a favorable environment in pursuing my intellectual activities.”

Bose came to UT in 1987 as the Condra Chair of Excellence in Power Electronics, tasked with building up the then-fledgling power electronics program.

For the next 15 years, he helped strengthen the program and paved the way for landing the National Science Foundation­–backed Center for Ultra-Wide-Area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networks, or CURENT.

“Professor Bose has been instrumental in laying the groundwork for some of the successes that came after him,” said Davis. “His efforts have helped both our college and the world at large, so his election is well-deserved.”

During those years, Bose was honored seven times by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, including being named a fellow and receiving both a lifetime achievement award and the Millennium Medal for Outstanding Contributions in Power Electronics.

“I have helped pioneer the advancement of artificial intelligence applications in power electronics and motor drives which are widely applied in industrial systems,” said Bose. “In any technology advancement, our goal should be its application solely for the benefit of mankind.”

As for his advice to current students, Bose said they should focus on moving beyond just basics.

“Devote your mind completely for learning—learning not only the engineering principles but cultivating the human qualities as well,” said Bose. “A truly successful person has a blend of professional expertise and human qualities.

“Have a dream in life and try to translate it into reality with hard work. Always keep the fire burning in your mind.”

In addition to Bose, current UT faculty who are members of the NAE include two UT–Oak Ridge National Laboratory Governor’s Chair Professors—Yilu Liu, the Governor’s Chair for Electric Power Grids, and Steve Zinkle, the Governor’s Chair for Nuclear Materials—and two computer science faculty members— Mark Dean, the John Fisher Distinguished Professor, and Jack Dongarra, a University Distinguished Professor.

NAE President C. D. Mote Jr. said membership honors those who have made outstanding contributions to “engineering research, practice, or education” and to pioneering new fields and approaches.


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