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Justin Crawford is a junior majoring in journalism and electronic media with a concentration in broadcast television news. He’s a former military brat from northern Japan where he spent the majority of his life before moving to Tennessee to pursue his college dream. Justin is heavily involved in the College of Communication and Information, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, the Center for Leadership and Service, and the Center for Career Development.

What makes you unique?

As a military brat, I have lived somewhere new every two to three years of my life and have never thought I would call somewhere home but living in Knoxville has changed that entirely. Additionally, I found myself struggling to find what I wanted to do with my future in the journalism and broadcast field at first but because of the leadership opportunities and relationships I have made right here on campus, I am confident to say I know exactly what I plan to pursue upon graduation from UT.

What tips do you have for your fellow students?

The one tip to my fellow students I have is to always step up to the plate and never settle for anything less than the best. I believe it is always the right time to move onto bigger and better things in one’s life, and UT provides too many chances for us as college students to do so. I speak from experience when I say that I have reached many goals with my self-created opportunities and the support of my UT family.

What tips do you have for students thinking about coming to UT?

For those thinking about coming to UT and/or new students, I want you to know that you are worth more than you think when you become a Tennessee Vol! The neat thing about being on such a welcoming and warm campus like UT is that any idea or project you have will always have the support of not only by your like-minded colleagues but by faculty and staff too!

What are some of your favorite spots on campus?

Some of my favorite spots on campus include the student union and the library. Being in both environments allows me to see the embodiment of two of the greatest things, unity and a drive to excel.