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Vy Quach, a senior human resource major from Oak Ridge, is an avid golfer and skier. She’s also served as an Ignite Team Leader, a member of Student Government Association, and the philanthropy service chair for the Management Society.

What makes you unique?

My journey has always been through tennis. I started playing tennis in fourth grade and I hated it. During middle school I hit an epiphany and decided to pick up summer club tennis and I started loving the game. At first tennis for me was just a game in high school but I realized my sophomore year it was more than that when I lost one of my matches and got moved to the last spot on the starting team. It taught me to push myself to become a better player and captain my senior year.

What tips do you have for your fellow students?

My tip for my fellow students is to try new things and always go for every opportunity you can. Many of the different things I’ve been involved in have been very spur of the moment. I never went through the Ignite program and I knew very little about it. I knew some of my friends were previous Ignite team leaders and I applied to see what it was about. I never thought I would get the position but I did and I don’t regret applying for it one bit. Same with ME4UT. I applied for it the day it was due.

What does the “Volunteer spirit” mean to you?

The Volunteer Spirit to me means being able to find who you are through others. Even though I just learned the Torch Bearer’s creed all the way through less than a year ago, it has stuck to me. I believe sharing your knowledge with other people as well as learning from others can really make a difference in who you are on campus whether it be a professor, a new friend, an advisor, or campus leader.

What are some of your favorite spots on campus?

My favorite spots on campus are Thompson Boling Arena (mostly because the McAlister’s is my absolute favorite place on campus), The courtyard area between Andy Holt Tower and the Student Services Building (because the view on game day is spectacular because you can see Neyland Stadium, the sea of orange from tailgates, and the Tennessee River all in one spot), and Hodges Library (because no matter when I’m there, I always run into someone I know).