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WBIR-TVIn WBIR’s coverage of President Trump’s inauguration, Professors Dan Feller and Amber Roessner weighed in regarding their respective areas of expertise.

Feller, a professor in the Department of History and director of the Papers of Andrew Jackson, discussed the history of presidential inaugurations on Live at Five at Four, including Tennessean Andrew Jackson.

Roessner, a professor in the School of Journalism and Electronic Media, spoke about the role social media played in gauging the stance of Americans during the election cycle.

“Through some of those social media outlets you can kind of gain a sense of how divided the American electorate is over this election cycle,” said Roessner.

This media coverage differs dramatically from the coverage eight years ago. Roessner also pointed out the differences in rhetoric, too, during Trump’s Inaugural speech, and how his rhetoric was mirrored on his own social media accounts.