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Throughout Adrian Altshuler’s career as a practicing attorney, he has met many bright individuals who were stymied on the road to success because they couldn’t afford to attend college.

Wanting to help some of the people who find themselves in that situation, Altshuler, a 1981 UT graduate who is now an attorney in Franklin, Tennessee, has established two scholarships, each providing $3,000 per year to a UT student in the Tennessee Pledge program.

“I truly believe that all should have an affordable opportunity to attend college,” Altshuler said. “The desire to help those in need attain a higher education is the reason I want to support the Tennessee Pledge program.”

Tennessee Pledge assists qualified students whose family adjusted gross income totals $40,000 or less. When combined with other federal, state, and institutional aid, the Pledge scholarship covers students’ mandatory costs for tuition, fees, room, board, and books without the use of student loans. For Volunteers from lower-income families, the need-based Tennessee Pledge scholarships help make the dream of earning a degree from UT a reality.

“It is my hope that the two college scholarships that I am able to provide will assist in making a difference in someone’s life,” Altshuler said. “Hopefully one day the recipients will be in a position to give back to the university as well.”


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