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An app developed by Rebecca Koszalinski, an assistant professor of nursing at UT, has recently garnered recognition across the globe for the promise it holds for those patients left unable to communicate.

Called Speak For Myself, the app allows patients to click on a series of prompts that, in turn, let care givers know their needs or concerns, from water to medicine.

Along with associate professor of nursing Sadie Hutson and associate professor of industrial and systems engineering and director of the Tickle College of Engineering Ideation Laboratory Xueping Li, Koszalinski developed a program that works on either Apple or Android products and can communicate in a variety of languages.

The success of that app has been picked up locally by the Knoxville News Sentinel, which reports the team hopes that continued investment might one day make the app free, and WBIR, which notes that it eliminates the need for patients to be able to physically write on message boards.

Additionally, the news was picked up by a number of nationwide services and outlets, with media from as close as Chattanooga to as far away as Spokane, Washington, reporting on it.

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