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Al Hazari performs during the Magic of Chemistry show
Al Hazari performs during the Magic of Chemistry show

UT will celebrate National Chemistry Week 2016 with a magic show that unravels the mystery of how everyday items work.

Al Hazari, retired director of labs and lecturer in chemistry, will host the Magic of Chemistry show at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 18. He will introduce children and adults to the wonders of chemistry through a series of exciting and often explosive demonstrations. The show, now in its 26th year, is free and open to the public and will take place in Room 555 of Dabney-Buehler Hall.

Free parking is available in the UT garage at 11th Street and White Avenue.

National Chemistry Week is October 16–22. The week’s theme, Solving Mysteries through Chemistry, was selected by a team chaired by Hazari. The week’s events, which are sponsored by the American Chemical Society, will focus on the chemistry of forensics.

Bill Bass, world-renowned forensic anthropologist and the founder of the UT Forensic Anthropology Center and Anthropology Research Facility, commonly known as the Body Farm, plays a prominent role in this year’s National Chemistry Week. Bass is featured in the National Chemistry Week publication Celebrating Chemistry.

During National Chemistry Week, members of the American Chemical Society spearhead events across the country to present the positive aspects of chemistry, promote science education, and heighten the public awareness of the contributions chemistry has made to society and to everyday life.

To find out more about the National Chemistry Week events on UT’s campus, contact Hazari at 865-974-1065 or


Al Hazari (865-974-1065,

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