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Experience Learning resource guides are now available for faculty and staff.

Written with faculty, academic advisors, and staff members in mind, the guide was developed as a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) workbook to educate our campus community on what they can expect from the initiative both this year and in the future.

To receive a printed copy or request a PDF version when it’s ready, email Experience Learning Director Chris Lavan at

As a reminder, faculty can now apply to receive Experience Learning designations for courses they teach that include research or service-learning activities meeting the definition of experiential learning.

A detailed explanation of the research designation and the course proposal form are available on the Office of Undergraduate Research web page. A detailed explanation of the service designation and course proposal form are available on the Office Service-Learning web page.

The deadline to submit course proposal forms for this year is Monday, October 31.

Only existing courses may be submitted for review. The forms explain that courses proposed for either designation must receive formal support at both the department and college level prior to submission for review.

Proposals should be emailed to Molly Sullivan, coordinator for curriculum and catalog, at

Submitted proposals must be approved by research or service-learning advisory groups, the Curriculum Committee, the Undergraduate Council, and the Faculty Senateā€”a process similar to the General Education course review.

The new course designations will appear for the first time in the fall 2017 course catalog.

Both the Undergraduate Council and Faculty Senate unanimously approved the course designation proposal in the spring of 2016. A comprehensive implementation plan was then developed. Campus offices and areas that have assisted with the development of this plan include the Office of the Provost, the Office of Service-Learning, Experience Learning (QEP), the Office of the University Registrar, the leadership of the Undergraduate Council, the Office of Research and Engagement, and the Office of Undergraduate Research.