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UT’s Krista Wiegand and Brandon Prins recently discussed the changing face of terrorism with WATE-TV Channel 6 in this story.

Recent bomb discoveries in New York and New Jersey and stabbings in Minnesota have been identified as suspected terrorist activities. Wiegand, associate professor of political science and a global security expert, noted that although terrorist activity could occur at any time, “it’s such a very rare event to happen that the chances are very low.” She added that many terrorists are being radicalized through the internet, resulting in a rise in smaller individual attacks.

Prins, a professor of political science who studies international relations, noted that some attacks in the US may be a result of the Islamic State reacting to losing ground in Syria and Iraq still trying to show it has power. “These attacks may be, in fact, be a product of the Islamic State’s weakness,” he said. Watch the full story online.