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Math Camp and SOAR are two programs aimed at helping students achieve academic success, which in turn helps ensure they stay in school and graduate on time.

Here’s an update on this summer’s programs:

Math Camp

More than ninety incoming freshmen attended this year’s Math Camp, a three-week “boot camp” to help them prepare for math-intensive majors.

After taking a test at the end of the course, 58 percent had increased their math skills enough to be placed into a more advanced course; 30 percent were able to skip two classes. The others began the semester better equipped for the challenges of college algebra.

Math Camp is an optional summer program designed to provide a thorough review of concepts from Math 119 and 130—two important prerequisites for math-intensive majors or other majors requiring specific math skills.


Thirty-five students who had been academically dismissed at the end of the spring semester are now back in class and in good standing, due to the Summer Opportunity for Academic Recovery (SOAR).

Select students are invited to attend this second-chance program. They are allowed to remain at UT if they successfully complete the program’s requirements, which include taking at least 7 hours of summer classes, including a 1-hour course on success strategies; meeting weekly with an academic coach; and spending at least ten hours per week outside of class in structured study or tutoring. SOAR students who earn sufficiently high summer GPAs can return to UT in the fall in good academic standing.

This summer, fifty-nine students participated in SOAR and forty-nine successfully completed the program. Thirty-six were back in good standing, but one chose not to return. The other thirteen who completed the program were given the OK to return but remain on academic probation. Of those thirteen, three chose not to return.


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